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6 February 2008

Greenpeace blockades Coal UK conference

This morning protestors from Greenpeace have blockaded the entrances to Lord's cricket ground - which is hosting the Coal UK conference.

Delegates who paid £625 to hear Energy Minister Malcolm Wicks discuss the government's energy policy plans will be greeted by protestors chained to baracades.

Last week it was widely reported that following requests from German power corporation E.ON, the government had dropped requirements for carbon capture technologies to be incorporated in the coal fired power station planned at Kingsnorth in Kent.

The proposed Kingsnorth power station would produce more CO2 than the whole of Ghana, and would make a mockery of UK promises to cut emissions. The impacts of climate change will hit the world's poor the hardest.

As well as planning to give the opening speech at Coal Conference 2008, Malcolm Wicks also sits on the board of the UK coal forum, whose purpose it is to "bring forward ways of strengthening the industry, and working to ensure the UK has the right framework to secure the long term future of coal fired generation".

You can take action against Kingsnorth, and the new generation of coal fired power stations at

For more information about the Greenpeace action, and photographs of the event, visit their website.

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