Stop Kingsnorth: no to new coal power

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1 February 2008

Are the government's green promises hot air?

Kingsnorth power station was featured on Newsnight last night (Thursday 31st January)

According to emails obtained by Greenpeace by a freedom of information request, the government is not going to insist on carbon capture and storage technology to be built from the onset, or even that the power plant is ready to fit such technology when it is available.

Greenpeace have more information, including the email communications between the government and E.ON

The Financial Times are covering the story as well: Ministers accused of conniving with Eon

and the Guardian: Energy firm wants carbon freedom at new coal-fired plant

The news has come to light the very same day that the World Development Movement has revealed that government claims of a 12% reduction in CO2 emissions are "pure fiction, aided by Enron-esque accounting" read the WDM press release here.

Greenpeace have an online action calling for a public enquiry into the new coal plant

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