Stop Kingsnorth: no to new coal power

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2 May 2008

May Day, May Day, stop the climate emergency

Warwick Students march on EON HQ

People & Planet are building a coal power station complete with 12ft cooling towers at
EON HQ, Westwood Business Park, Coventry to protest against their plans to build a new
coal-fired power stations at Kingsnorth in Kent.
Kingsnorth in Kent, will ensure the UK's international leadership on climate change goes up
in smoke as a company interested only in its profits and intent on opening up the doors to
run away climate change.

People & Planet is calling for a full Public Inquiry into the Kingsnorth proposal in order that
the negative impacts of such a move are fully exposed. We are also calling for a
moratorium on any new coal-fired power stations until the technology to capture and store
the carbon they release is fully operational and fitted.

The EON claims that it will be possible to fit carbon capture technology to Kingsnorth at a
later date. There is currently not a single coal power station anywhere in the world that
uses this technology. By IPCC estimates, carbon capture and storage (CCS) will only be
realistically deployed around the world in the second half of the century. This leaves at
least forty years of standard dirty coal emissions.

The action is to highlight short-sighted idiocy in continuing to extract and burn fossil fuels.

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