Stop Kingsnorth: no to new coal power

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18 March 2008

Old King Coal is a dirty old soul

The RSPB have now joined the clamour against the new generation of dirty coal power stations.

Responding to John Hutton's speech in which he suggested that the government might give the go ahead to Kingsnorth without a public enquiry, Ruth Davis, Head of Climate Change Policy at the RSPB, said:

“Plans to store carbon dioxide from plants like Kingsnorth are one thing but having the technology to do so is quite another, and still a long way off.

“What is the point of claiming to lead action to tackle climate change, introducing the world’s first climate change legislation, then sanctioning much greater use of the dirtiest energy source there is?

“Even the most efficient coal-fired generation releases twice the carbon dioxide of gas. Failure to delay coal-fired development until carbon storage technology is available is irresponsible and unnecessary. We should be investing far more in energy efficiency and renewables instead.

“Climate change is posing huge threats to people and wildlife. We must face up to this and start to cut our emissions rapidly, especially emissions from the power generation sector.”
The RSPB is one of the largest conservation organisations in the UK, with over a million members.
Read more on the RSPB website.

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