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22 February 2008

Youth and students conference on climate change at LSE

From the Red Alert website:

Red Alert Teach-In!

Saturday 8th March 2008 youth and students conference

The facts are no longer in doubt, nor disputed. Climate change is happening and it threatens to lead to a 21st century marked by a series of ecological and human catastrophes. This can be averted but only if action is taken now to drastically cut CO2 emissions and move to renewable energy sources.

The mega corporations and world leaders are well aware of these basic facts. They are now going out of their way to show their ecological credentials. But they continue with the same policies - they refuse to do anything to tackle their addiction to fossil fuels. At the UN Climate Conference in Bali last December they decided to' keep talking' for another two years - a promise that Gordon Brown described as 'historic'.

Britain is one of Western Europe's biggest polluters. Gordon Brown and Tony Blair before him tried to present Britain as 'leading the way' on climate change. But now looks set to agree to a massive expansion of Heathrow airport, and to build a generation of coal and nuclear power stations. Waiting in the wings to profit out of these plans are corporate polluters, like E.ON, who last year made $6.4 billion from pumping CO2 in the atmosphere.

Young people and students have a massive responsibility to lead the fight back on climate change. It is our future that is today being frittered away by the decision made in today's corridors of power. The Red Alert conference is an opportunity for students and youth to discuss ideas, educate ourselves and plan actions and campaigning.
The conference is taking place: 11am - 5pm March 8th at the London School of Economics, Aldwych / Holborn, London

For more information, timetables and booking see the Red Alert website.

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