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14 February 2008

We love you Gordon

Valentines day typically is reserved for mushy couples sending messages to each other in the personal columns of the newspapers. So the World Development Movement (WDM) have been placing ads in newspapers across the land. Our special messages for Gordon Brown include:

Roses are red, violets are blue, make it 80% and include flights too!
Keep us cool, Love W.D.M
(The Independent)
Gordon Brown: I love a cool climate, target my heart with 80% and flying - WDM (The Times)
and many more in the regional newspapers, placed by our local groups.

The government's new climate bill needs to include an 80% cut and emissions from flying in order to be effective in halting the worst effects of climate change. A strong climate bill should make projects like the new power station at Kingsnorth untenable.

Even MPs need to know that you're thinking of them on Valentine's Day - and you can send your very own e-Valentine's card to your MP telling him or her just how much you care, well, care about the Climate Change Bill that is.

Send an e-Valentine's card (via the iCount website)

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