Stop Kingsnorth: no to new coal power

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28 January 2008

Stop Kingsnorth protest outside E.ON's offices in London


carboncon said...

It's about time you so called "protesters" woke up to the real issue.

This whole "carbon" issue is simply an excuse to increase taxation, and you brainwashed lemmings have swallowed the "carbon footprint" con, hook, line and sinker!

If you are really bothered, get yourselves to the Amazon basin or to Borneo and protest against deforestation. The real cause of the problem - if there is one!

Why not stage your protest in China and accept their hospitality?

No? Prefer the soft option! Get off your asses and go and do a day's work, I expect most of you are on benefits.

If you really care for the environment why not spend the time clearing the rubbish from the local beaches? No, that would be doing something useful and too much like WORK.

You people are a waste of time and a drain on resources and it will be the taxpayer that picks up the bill for your pathetic activities.

Get a life!

Anonymous said...

how reassuring that the Gestapo under herr fuehrer gordon brown crushes a legitimate protest - where are we - Beijin?

Anonymous said...

It’s good that we are starting to build coal fired power stations again. Coal is a fossil energy source that isn’t in scarce supply. People that think renewable energy can supply all our needs are living in cuckoo land. Nuclear fission reactors would leave a legacy of waste that will remain dangerous for tens of thousands of years and do you really want to risk ending up with another Chernobyl type accident?

Anonymous said...

That's ridiculous. Greenpeace ARE protesting and helping stop deforestation in the Amazon an Borneo and many other places!!! But Kingsnorth is a contradiction to the British government trying to be green, and they are trying to stop it

Also, if the "carbon issue" as you call it is just a taxation scam, why didn't the government go along with it in the seventies while the scientists were telling people about the massive threat of global warming? Why were they not supported by the government? Because the government weren't corrupt enough to do that? Yeah right.

I think you need to wake up, Carboncon. Wake up and realise that the human race has ruined the world, and that people like you prove that we are one of the dumbest species, for doing so.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but I think these protests are beyond ridiculous. What were you hoping to do....stop the power station? This terrible evil that provides electricity for hospitals and schools? Would you rather go back to living in a cave? Catch yourselves on!